「World Peace Concept」

World Peace Concept Association
Promoter Kasai Hidetsugu
Tsu. Mie prefecture

1. Please do not use a lot of nations tax nations paid by working hard for dreadful war tools (nuclear, armament and weapons) which kill humans.

2. National governments, please use much more nations tax nations paid by working hard for nations food, living, healthcare, education, poverty act, and so on to make the nation’s life better.

Issues and objectives for future in our world

• To remove war, dispute, civil war and terrorism in the wor1d

•To solve refugee issue quickly in the world

• To live a good human life with freedom and equality after solving poverty issue in the wor1d

• To end the arms race in the wor1d

• To cut defence budget of each countries by 60%

• To solve racial discrimination

• To solve global warming

• To achieve the wortd peace

• To open the way to a bright peaceful future and protect the survival of the human race

Solution for various problems

• UN ambassadors from around the world should gather in UN once two month and have a conference to discuss the solution of various problems happening in the wor1d.

• All of 196 countries in the wor1d should make in a peace declaration and promise not to fight a war again.

• Let’s establish an enforceable international I細(internationalrule) all the countries of thewortd must follow to achieve the wor1d peace.

・Let’s strengthen the function and powers of UN.

・The public order in the wor1d should be solved under UN by not the power of specific big countries but cooperation of all of countries In the wortd.

・Let’s establish’WOrtd Police’and’W叩dmilitary force’.

・Let’s send’Wortd Police’or、Wor1dmilitary force’to any nations and radical forces who disrupt the wor1d peace and all countries should work together to restore the public order.

・The budget and manpower for’World Police’and’Wortd military force’should be discussed by all countries of the wor1d and decided depending on power of each countries.

・Conflicts, civil war and refugee issue happening in the wortd are disgrace to human race. All countries should understand them as a wortd problem and be united under UN and work together with holding each other to solve problems peacefully. VVhen you are not able to resolve any issue through discussion, you need to solve under the law. Then they should ca町outthe refugee return from other countries immediately.

・All are brothers. Racism is completely wrong.

・Global warming countermeasures is an urgent task. We should stop using fossil fuel and use natural energy. And stop destroying nahJre immediately.

・Let’s abolish nudear weapons which destroy all civilization and eliminate nuclear power plants which are very dangerous for human being.


• The recent situation in the world is human crisis. If we proceed as is without changing, the wortd will be much worse and no humans’future.

• Each nation should think and make a movement seriously to achieve the wortd peace. We must change countries and politics otherwise no achievement for wortd peace.

• We can’t rely on government, nation and others without our effort. Wor1d peace will never go forward without any our positive ideas. It would be far from it.

• Nations of our wortd, Let’s take into adion immediately now not tomorrow. We should get interested in world peace and take a stand to change politics, countries, and the wortd.